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Why people have a hiccup fetish

Posted 2021.01.09
Hiccup forum

Sometimes, however, they can indicate a more serious health concern. The stomach, which is situated right below the diaphragm, becomes distended and irritates it.

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Funniestweirdest fetishes you've encountered

Sometimes, they can indicate a serious health condition. Aphrodite, marie, aphrodite night.

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I think most fetishes are weird. People were fascinated with feet, even long before the demonization of the foot in medieval europe for its phallic appearance.

Hiccuping instagram posts

However, some experts think holding your breath or breathing into a paper bag might do the trick. The best way to make this understandable is to compare it to boobs. If you want to try this technique, check your favorite natural foods store for supplements. I don't like seafood, and i probably never will, despite many attempts.

It's a major turn on

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I've had hiccups for two straight years

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